In Invest Travel Play (ITP), we believe in building wealth and passive income through safe investing. We advocate investing wisely with the end-goal of helping people to achieve financial and time freedom as early as possible, so that you have more time to travel, enjoy life and play.

Our company and the knowledge we share is born of that mission.

We will be be sharing how to analyse the fundamentals of a company, both its quantitative and qualitative aspects. Our aim is to aid each reader in making the right decisions throughout their investment journey. And ultimately, making money safely and consistently from the stock market.

So explore our site and read the articles we have to share. There’s a lot of free and useful knowledge to be learnt, and information you can use right away to become a wiser investor. We hope that the good stuff we share will help you generate more profitable returns for your investment.

The people behind Invest Travel Play (ITP)


Chloe is a certified ACTA trainer (WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) and she has been an investment trainer for 3 years. She learnt Value Investing from Sean Seah, the founder of Value Investing College, who is also the Asian Buffettologist. Since then, she has been teaching investing to thousands of students across the world.

As a keynote speaker from VIC, she has been constantly invited to different stages across the world to share her investing knowledge, such as Japan, Vietnam and China. She was also invited by UOB Kay Hian to go to SGX to give investment talk.

Her competence in facilitation and training is further enhanced after she completed her ACTA course. With clear learning outcomes in mind, she is able to deliver her lessons effectively through fun and engaging activities, providing the learners the best learning experience. 


Hao Ling is a passionate stock investor with 3 years of stock market experience. He has attended Value Investing Bootcamp from Sean Seah, widely known as the Asian Buffettlogist, from Value Investing College. He was subsequently invited to join the stock research team of VIC by his other mentor, Paul Chan.Through his role in the research team, he has shared his ideas and opinions of specific companies and industries to graduates of Value Investing College in monthly meetups.

He advocates active management of personal finances and secondary income generation through passive means as alleviating financial burdens will allow anyone to achieve time freedom in their lives.

He believes in constant learning and giving back to society, which aligns with the mission of ITP of providing value and assisting learners in avoiding the pitfalls of the money markets with the eventual target of generating enough passive income for their lifestyle.