In Invest Travel Play (ITP), we believe in building wealth and passive income through safe investing. We advocate investing wisely with the end-goal of helping people to achieve financial and time freedom as early as possible so that you have more time to travel, enjoy life and play.

Our company and the knowledge we share is born of that mission.

We will be sharing how to analyse the fundamentals of a company, both its quantitative and qualitative aspects. Our aim is to aid each reader in making the right decisions throughout their investment journey. And ultimately, making money safely and consistently from the stock market.

So explore our site and read the articles we have to share. There’s a lot of free and useful knowledge to be learnt, and information you can use right away to become a wiser investor. We hope that the good stuff we share will help you generate more profitable returns for your investment.

The people behind Invest Travel Play (ITP)

Caleb Lim

was a former Navy regular who left his stable income job to become a full-time investor & trader.

He had always wanted to be rich and be free of financial constraints. Since the rich get rich through the stock market, Caleb decided to emulate them.

With zero financial knowledge, graduating from Mechanical Engineering, he started dabbling in the stock market in 2007.

Needless to say, he lost a 5 figure sum of money.

Not giving up and determined to crack the money market game, he signed up for a USD5000 FOREX Trading course. Within a year, he made a 100% profit on capital. He subsequently enrolled in an Options Trading course, alas, the results were inconsistent. Not to mention that trading is mentally taxing and time-consuming.

That was when he discovered Value Investing, the solution to his needs. He took up the course and even spent an additional $10k to learn from Mary Buffett, the former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett.

With that comes a light bulb moment. Combining all the skills he had, he paid off his almost 100k debt and is now a full-time investor and trader.

Wanting to help and share his knowledge, he co-founded Invest Travel Play with a group of friends and created the course Stock Investing and Options Made Easy.

Stephan Huang

Stephan Huang Jianming is a sought-after speaker, trainer and presenter in companies, organizations and schools. Since 2004, Stephan has facilitated and trained at multiple youth motivational and skills-based workshops and camps.

Now 15 years in the training and speaking industry Stephan has touched the lives of over 7000 people from all walks of life. In 2013 he was invited to be the lead presenter of the 2 flagship motivational programs of MindChamps, Empower U and Young Champions.

Stephan now serves as the Managing Director of his own company Stecolate Pte Ltd offering training services, sales presentations and coaching in areas such as business, social media management, internet marketing, mobile applications development and soft skills like communications, leadership and motivation.
Stephan has spoken on stages in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Australia. His fun and highly engaging presentation style has captivated and inspired both young and old.

Recently he completed his 16th full marathon and set is on the goal to complete 100 marathons in his lifetime. In addition, he also has a goal to start a chocolate café in Singapore; for friends, business partners to have a good time, enjoy chocolate and network.