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Amazon Divorce | Why MacKenzie Bezos is NOT the Richest Woman

The news of Amazon founder Jeff divorcing his wife MacKenzie Bezos become the hottest topic for the whole world lately. Everybody is saying that MacKenzie is going to become the richest woman on earth, even richer than famous figure like Elonz Marz.

But the truth is, she is not going to be the richest woman on earth. It’s not deniable that she will indeed be one the richest financially but on her happiness level, she maybe at a very poor state.

Many people know Jeff is an important leader in Amazon, driving the company to the current multi billion giant. On the other hand, his wife’s contribution was seldom mentioned. Truth is, MacKenzie played a very important role, especially at the beginning.

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MacKenzie helped her husband start his historic company, starting by agreeing to leave their life and move across the country from New York City to Seattle, where Amazon was founded.

Empires like Amazon and Apple are not created by a single man in a vacuum; they are the product of a mix of luck and contributions from an entire team—including from a founder’s spouse.

In a 2010 commencement speech he gave at Princeton, Jeff himself acknowledged the gamble his wife had taken. “I told my wife MacKenzie that I wanted to quit my job and go do this crazy thing that probably wouldn’t work since most startups don’t, and I wasn’t sure what would happen after that,” he said. “MacKenzie … told me I should go for it.”

As the company grew bigger and hired more staff, MacKenzie played less of a role in Amazon’s day-to-day operations, though she continued to support Jeff at company events.

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Does divorcing Jeff really makes MacKenzie the richest woman on earth? She put her heart and soul to support her husband and family, and in the end, the relationship turned out to reach the point of no return. Money to her is no longer important, because with or without divorce, she is already one of the richest woman on earth financially.

On the other hand, this divorce may just be a better turning point for the couple, helping them to find real happiness in life.

So what’s your view on the couple’s divorce? Share with me by commenting below. 🙂


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