Are you paying too much for your university fees?

University is almost a rite of way for many around the world.

Study hard, go to university, get a degree and you will be able to get a good high paying job.

And you will be successful. As the myth goes.

It’s a myth because success in life goes beyond getting a degree and a high-paying job.

Merits of the University Degree and the Cost

Getting a university degree has it’s merits. It generally does get you a higher pay.

It is also true that some degrees are better and worth more than others in the job market. Private universities with huge marketing budget will disagree.

The truth is, anything that is too expensive can be a bad investment as well. Especially for university degrees where the minimum investment just on tuition fee alone is 5 figures. Not to include the other tangible cost such as transport cost, cost of living, textbook costs, opportunity cost and so on.

The intangible cost of a degree is subjective to each person, university and course of study. Which is why we are unable to calculate the true dollar cost of it.

We can however calculate the tangible cost of a university degree. Oh gosh, imagine getting a degree and graduating with 30k or 50k of debt.

Not a single cent down the pocket but already burdened by debt.

Are you paying too much for your university degree

Download our Tuition Fee Evaluator to tabulate if you are paying too much for your university degree.

This is important as it would guide you in your decision on enrollment. For many, a university degree is their first and biggest investment decision that they will make during enrollment.

In the grand scheme of personal finance, sometimes, they are unable to comprehend the impact it can have on their personal financial future. Especially when many people are willing to get into debt for university education and Singaporean are really paying a lot for it.

How to use:

  • Download the Tuition Fee Evaluator
  • Fill up the orange boxes

If you are a working adult studying part time, or you are really keen on managing your finance, incorporate it with the Personal Finance Evaluator. While you are at it, might as well have more fun tabulating your personal networth as well.

As with all our tools, this is just a financial guide. Make your own independent decision after evaluating your interested course of study. Don’t be affected by marketing gimmicks (such as free gifts) and evaluate the university for the value it can provide to you.

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