Best Dividend Stocks

Best Dividend Stocks – Passive Income Singapore 2018

Are you looking for the best dividend stocks? We all know that dividends is a great form of passive income in Singapore? Is it possible to have a high dividend yield and be a strong company at the same time? Having a group strong companies with high dividend yield can efficiently generate passive income for retail investors.   


Here the team behind Invest Travel Play have compiled a short list of high yield dividend stocks in Singapore that we like.  

Best Dividend Stocks – Singtel

Best Dividend Stock - Singtel


With the impending introduction of the 4th telco, MyRepublic has jumped the queue and introduced their SIM-only mobile line plan. Now Singaporeans have an option to choose from Singtel, Starhub, M1, Circles Life, Zero1, Zero Mobile, MyRepublic and TPG when they eventually launched. Singtel seems to be in a precarious situation. At the current price, Singtel has a dividend yield of 5.56%. Is it doom and gloom for Singtel? We believe that Singtel share price is attractive now and Singtel is a strong company. At 5.56% dividend yield and PE 9.44, Singtel is really starting to look like a bargain. 


Best Dividend Stocks – VICOM Limited 

Best Dividend Stock - VICOM Limited


VICOM Limited has a strong monopoly over the vehicle inspection scene in our little red dot where vehicle inspection is mandatory. Management has already stated that 90% of net income would be distributed as dividends. Although VICOM has consistently paid out more dividends than their EPS, it is fine as VICOM has built up a sizeable cash pile in which management has also stated that they will be returning to investors as dividend. At 6%, this company that monopolised our little red dot is making our hearts flutter.  


Best Dividend Stocks – First REIT 

Best Dividend Stock - First REIT


First REIT is a healthcare REIT, one of the most stable REITs available in the stock markets in our opinion. First REIT owns hospitals and nursing homes in Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea. With long and stable tenants and a reasonable gearing ratio of 34.2%, drawing a 6.94% dividend yield is an attractive proposition for First REIT.


Best Dividend Stocks – Frasers Property Ltd

Best Dividend Stocks - Frasers Property Ltd


The company’s assets range from residential, retail, commercial, and business parks, to industrial and logistics. The company also acts as a sponsor of four vehicles listed on the SGX-ST, comprising three REITs, including Frasers Centrepoint Trust, Frasers Commercial Trust, and Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust. These companies portfolio own excellent properties with high occupancy rate. Right now, Frasers Property is giving out a reasonably attractive dividend yield of 5.24%.


Best Dividend Stocks – Mapletree Industrial Trust

Best Dividend Stocks - Mapletree Industrial Trust


Mapletree Industrial Trust has 86 industrial properties in Singapore and it’s occupancy rate for the past few years have been hovering above >80%. Mapletree Industrial Trust also co-own 14 data centres in the US.

By the way, we also wrote an article on 800 Super Share PriceFuture of ESR-REIT and Viva Industrial Trust (VIT) if you are looking to invest to make passive income.

Investment in Singapore for Beginners

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