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Many people have heard of huge capital gains in investments. As a matter of fact, many people aspire to achieve these huge investment gains. In their quest to achieve these investment gains, many are fooled by their own folly, greed or simple carelessness. Investing in instruments that are too risky without adequately protecting themselves.

Or they simply invest in safe instruments that do not provide them with enough returns.

Therefore, Capital Gains represents one engine of our flagship Twin Engine Flight Investment Strategy program.

For Retail Investors

Our Twin Engine Flight Investment Strategy program is designed specially for Retail Investors by Retail Investors to balance the need for Passive Income generation and Capital Gains generations.

Most retail investors face two challenges in their journey to financial freedom

  • Not enough Capital

Many investors starting out have limited capital whereas they have fixed expenses every month. It is true that it only requires a few hundred dollars to buy stock in Singapore. If you spent $1000 to buy a stock and it grows 10% in a year, your return is $100, which doesn’t help much in paying off your expenses.

It is a good return, no doubt about it, but just relying on 1 strategy to grow your wealth for financial freedom is a tad too inefficient.

Capital Gains Singapore

  • Not Enough Time

Many investors have capital accumulate through years of income building. Retail investors have their own lives, jobs, families and commitments as well. Many find it challenging to continuously monitor their trades. Even if they have the capital, they find it difficult to consistently generate cash flow from the stock market simply because they do not have the time to monitor it.

Waiting for a growth stock or value stock to appreciate in value through a number of years is also not desirable as they wish to reap rewards as soon as possible due to their age.

Passive Income Singapore

Capital Gains Engine

Combining this 2 concern, we designed this Twin Engine Flight Investment Strategy program, just like how a passenger plane has two engines to complement each other as well as protect the plane in case one engine stops working.

In this Capital Gains engine of our program, students will learn how to generate high returns safely, efficiently utilising their limited capital using our proprietary options-based strategy.

The objective is to create a portfolio achieve high returns (double-digits % to triple-digits %) without having to leverage or expose yourself to unnecessary risk. To efficiently utilise your capital, allowing you to grow your capital in a more efficient manner no matter which direction the stock market moves.


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