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Free Investment Webinar – Stock Investment in Singapore for Beginners

Last week, the team behind ITP went on an amazing trip on Dream Cruise together with 33 participants. Together we trained both our minds and bodies from morning to night.

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We taught them fundamental investing, technical investing as well as our powerful options strategy. Together with Sean Seah, the Asian Buffettologist, we facilitated our participants in making live trades on the cruise, many of them making their first trade.

Investing Class

With response and request, our founder, Chloe will be conducting a free online webinar on 25/11/2018 at 8:30 PM to share on how we approach stock investing so that we can have a safe but good returns.

Hurry up and sign up for our free Investing Webinar here.

If you are looking for investment in Singapore for beginners, and if you want to prepare yourelf to take advantage of the opportunities the stock market presents you, you must first educate yourself. Chloe Lin, the founder of Invest Travel Play (ITP), was featured on Singapore national papers 联合早报 (Lian He Zao Ba) on 22 Aug 2018, which she actually shared a simple strategy to help readers to start investing safely with just $360 and building up your passive income in Singapore!

sean seah chloe zaobao

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