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Goal Setting is Useless!! Unless…

Stop setting goals because goal setting is completely useless!

2018 is coming to the end and it’s a ritual for us to want to set new goals for new year.

Many people tend to get very ambitious at the beginning of the year. But ask yourself, how many of you are actually committed and stay with your goal till the end of the year? At the end of the year, they didn’t achieve their goals, and they thought that goal setting was useless.

Goal setting is not useless. It’s very powerful provided that you are committed to your goals and stick to it throughout the year.

Here are 3 tips that I have to help you achieve your goals this year.

1. Visualise your success

First step, what you have to do after waking up every morning, is to visualize yourself achieving this goal. I believe you have heard of the power of visualization. Imagine visualize yourself having success every day, it brings joy to your body. When you are happy, you have a higher tendency to commit to your goals.

2. Set actionable Steps

Second thing, is to set actionable items so that you can achieve your big goals eventually. For myself, I want to be a better investor. That’s why every day I will set 1 hour aside to read more about investment and do stock research. Don’t look down at this 1 hour every day. Imagine you do this every day, 365 days later, you would have accumulated 365 hours of experience.

3. Know Your Why

Last but not least, is to figure out why you want to achieve this goal. Because without these reasons, your goals become so aimless and there’s no reason to continue further. So delve deeper into your ‘why’ every day, and that will give you strength to achieve your goals.

So here are my 3 little tips to help you achieve your goals better. If you have other better ways to help each other, please comment in the video below. And I will be very happy to learn from you as well.

With that, I wish everybody a happy and prosperous 2019. I will see you tomorrow! Bye!




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