Gold Investment – Should You Or Should You Not? | 投资黄金 – 因该还是不因该

Gold investment!!! Should you or should you not?

Gold has been a darling of man for centuries. It has been a tool of exchange aka currency for centuries as well.

Legend has it that the richest man in history Mansa Musa, was so rich, he carried tonnes of gold from his pilgrimage from Mali to Mecca.

It signifies wealth and is a rare metal that even today where we don’t actively use it as a currency, gold is a considered a safe haven for investment.

However, as a currency, Gold has been coveted for ages, how about gold for investment?

In this video with Chris TV, we discuss our views on investment in gold.

投资黄金!!! 因该还是不因该





以下与Chris TV 的座谈,我们分享我们对黄金的看法。

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