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How rich should you be?

Have you ever wondered how rich should you be?

The Forbes richest list updates itself everyday. To be exact, it is a list that most millionaires and billionaires are not bothered with.

A daily change in net worth doesn’t really matter, just like how the daily price movements of stocks on the stock market doesn’t really matter.

Nonetheless, the interesting thing is how rich should you be?

Your Net Worth

In 1996, Dr Thomas Stanley conducted a research interviewing millionaires in USA on how they become millionaires.

He created a formula to calculate the expected net worth of everyone. Although, the formula is best used for people over the age of 30.

Nonetheless, it can still be a guideline for everyone on whether how rich they should be.

Click on the image below to download the Networth Calculator.

Network Calculator

How to use

  1. Fill in the red cells.
    • Fill in your age.
    • Fill in your annual salary.
    • Fill in your passive income.
    • Fill in your excess income.


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