how to make money on youtube

How to Make Money on YouTube | $3000 A MONTH!

This guy makes money on Youtube with more than $3000 a month without having to work like a dog! Find out how #christv does that in just 1 year’s time.

Chris started his youtube career about a year ago. Before that he was a dance instructor earning unstable income every month. When his father got retrenched, he suddenly felt a burden on his shoulder to support his family. Fate brought him to Youtube and he started his channel #ChrisTV.


Within a year, he makes at least $3000 a month just by running his channel. Here’s how you can make money
1. Advertisement dollars
Chris earns more than $500 USD per month by having ads display on his videos. It’s literally passive income because you just need to upload the videos once and it will be there for the rest of your life! Unless you or Youtbue wants to take them down for some reasons…

2. Sponsored Content
You can make a lot of money when other brands like your content and want you to promote for them. Chris easily makes $2500 a month by just producing 1 video for a brand. The stronger your channel becomes, the more sponsored opportunities you can receive.

3. Affiliate Marketing
You can sell other people’s products on your channel, and once there’s a sale, you get a substantial amount of affiliate income!

Of course, running a channel is not as easy as you think. Chris advised consistency in your video making.
“Within 50 videos, you will definitely see results on your channel!”

So start creating content and values for others today, and enjoy the process 🙂

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