How to stop procrastinating


Today, I purposely invited a multi-million dollar investor Sean Seah to share with you HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATING!

Sean: “For example, you want to work out, how do you not procrastinate and go for the workout. Focus on the things you want. You want to have a good body, you want to have six pack, you want to lose fat. You focus on the outcome, the things you want. A lot of people procrastinate because they focus on the pain they have to go through. My shirt will be sweaty, my muscle will be aching. If you focus on the pain, you would not want to do it. Focus on things you want.”

Chloe: “Like what you just said, there are always pain and pleasure. They will over focus on the pain than the pleasure. So how do you make yourself focus more on the pleasure than the pain?

Sean: “That’s true. Studies how that people are more driven by pain than pleasure. A lot of goals you can’t achieve, because they are not compelling enough to pull you. You can use the reverse, use pain for yourself.”

“You focus on the pain you will receive if you don’t go and workout. If I don’t work out, what’s going to happen? You are going to have a terrible body, the doctor is going to say “that’s it, goodbye, 2 more months.” You focus on what pain you may receive and you want to avoid the pain, therefore you will do what you want to do. Use both pain and pleasure to help yourself.”

Chloe: “For Sean himself he’s a very successful investor, even though he’s very successful, he is also very hardworking. Because he always has an end goal in mind.”

Sean: “After you use the pain and pleasure concept, most importantly, make it into a routine. Once your body make it into a habit, for example workout. I don’t need to think of pain or pleasure. My body will automatically tell me “hey, you haven’t been working out.” And I will go and do it. It becomes a habit. Create a habit is more important.”

These are the tips for you today. I will see you tomorrow!

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