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Investment in Singapore for Beginners

Looking for investment in singapore for beginners to build up your passive income? This 2-day Stock Investing and Options Made Easy Workshop is now only at $535! What’s more, it’s up to $500 Skillsfuture claimable. That means it’s just $35 ONLY by cash!

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Do you want to learn how to profit from the stock market SAFELY with little starting capital? Are you eager to find out how you can use a simple STEP-BY-STEP investing system to invest successfully… even if you have zero financial knowledge? Do you dream to pave your way to EARLY financial freedom and build a strong portfolio that generates you PASSIVE INCOME months after months?

In this 2-day course, you will learn to;

  • How to identify good businesses to invest in
  • How to valuate a company and buy it at a cheap price
  • How to find good businesses in less than 5 minutes
  • How to use a powerful strategy to generate massive returns with little capital in a safe way
  • How to identify entry and exit price of any stock based on technical analysis
  • How to use brokerage platform to carry out your first trade
  • How to manage money wisely and build a strong portfolio that generates passive income

[Attention: This is a hands-on course. Please bring your laptop along.]

Step-by-step, you will learn how to use the brokerage platform and carry out your first trade with our trainers.
Throughout the course, you will engage in collaborations, discussions and even play games with other learners. Various investing tools will be taught throughout the course, including how to screen out stocks in less than 5 minutes. Many hands-on practice sessions will be given to enhance your understanding of those tools and application of knowledge.

investment in singapore for beginners workshop

[Good News: SkillsFuture Claimable]

This course is $535 nett and it is SkillsFuture Claimable. As this course is very popular, $35 is collected in advance to lock in your seat. If your SkillsFuture has less than $500, you will have to top up the rest of the amount with cash.

A $35 deposit outfront will be collected. Should the participant attend the training, this amount will be use to offset from the total course fee else it would be forfeited.

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Reviews don’t lie. Many of our students have given us 5 stars review on Facebook. Give us a Like and check out what our students have to say about our course.

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[More From Our Students]

“Before I came to this course, I had zero knowledge in investment. But after this 2-day course, I now know how to valuate companies, and how to take advantage of market movement. These two days are very fulfilling and I would definitely recommend people to join this course!”

Lim Zhang Quan

investment in singapore for beginners zhangquan

“In the past I was skeptical about investing as I thought it was dangerous. But this course has taught me how to invest safely even with a little capital. It also taught me how to use Technical Analysis to have a better entry. The trainer is also very patient. All in all, I find the course very useful.”

Jeannie Poon

investment in singapore for beginners jeannie

“This course is a complete eye-opener to me. I didn’t expect I would learn so much from this 2-day course. The course taught us how to make profits from the stock market in a safe and systematic ways. The games are fun and interactive, and the class is very hands-on.”

Nick Ng

investment in singapore for beginners nick

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