Stock Market News of the Week

Market News of the Week – June 19 (3rd Week)

Stock market news are aplenty and the stock market is affected by news. Some news are important, some news are not.

Some news can affect businesses more, whereas some news are just tabloids.

As investors, it is our jobs to separate news from noise by interpreting stock market news with a neutral and critical sense of mind.

Stocks are affected by the underlying business. Business are affected by economics and politics. And the cycle goes round.

Here are important market news of the 3rd week of June, 16th June – 22th June.

  • 1st Stock Market News – Bitcoin is now at $11,000

In a resurgance, the most famous crytocurrency in the world has surged to $11000. Bitcoin was worth about $3500 around December 2018. Within half a year, it’s price has surged back to the 5-figure mark.

  • 2nd Stock Market News – FED holds rates. Possibility of future cuts.

The FED has voted 9-1 to hold rates as it it, 2.25%-2.5%, with a possibility of future cuts in 2020. Many market participants, including US President Donald Trump were lobbying for interest rates cuts now, however, FED Chairman Jerome Powell, has opted for the “patient” approach.

  • 3rd Stock Market News – Xi Jinping Will attend the G20 Summit

The whole world has been waiting for his confirmation and Xi Jinping has confirmed that he will be attending the G20 Summit in Osaka.

  • 4th Stock Market News – Extended meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at G20 Summit

Engulfed in a trade war, Donald Trump has announced on twitter that he will be having an extended meeting with Xi Jinping and teams from both countries will begin talks prior to their G20 meeting.

Donald Trump Tweet

  • 5th Stock Market News – US Imposed Sanctions on Iran

Iran shot down a US drone on Thursday And in retaliation, US seems ready to attack Iran, possibly bringing the area into open conflict, when Donald Trump said that he stopped the attack after knowing the number of casualties.

Even so, Donald Trump said that Iran made a “big mistake”.

Before any solutions on war or any resolution in the trade war, Donald Trump have since imposed major sanctions on Iran. In one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and in a region where oil exports are vital, the region has become a tad bit more tense.


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