Stock Market News of the Week

Market News of the Week – June 19 (4th Week)

Stock market news are aplenty and the stock market is affected by news. Some news are important, some news are not.

Some news can affect businesses more, whereas some news are just tabloids.

As investors, it is our jobs to separate news from noise by interpreting stock market news with a neutral and critical sense of mind.

Stocks are affected by the underlying business. Business are affected by economics and politics. And the cycle goes round.

Here are important market news of the 4th week of June, 23rd June – 30th June.

  • 1st Stock Market News – GST Voucher + Bicentennial Vouchers

Not really a market news, but certainly IMPORTANT NEWS for our local readers. GST Vouchers time is here. This year, to commemorate the bi-centennial founding of Singapore by Sir Stanford Raffles.

Then again, it makes me wonder about this, celebrating the founding of Singapore by Sir Stanford Raffles is a good thing, it is an important historical event, but, what about Sang Nila Utama and Temasek? Do we get extra vouchers for their anniversary?

This year, eligible recipients will receive their GST Voucher end August 2019, while the Bi-Centennial vouchers will be credited end November 2019.

GST Voucher 2019

Click here to look up more on GST Vouchers as well as your eligibility.

  • 2nd Stock Market News – Trade War Truce

Donald Trump met up with Xi Jinping during the G20 Summit. The most eagerly anticipated market news will definitely be TRADE WAR.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping has announced a truce in the trade war. No additional tariffs will be imposed however no tariffs will be removed as well.

  • 3rd Stock Market News – Singtel CEO takes a 43% Cut in Pay

In the aftermath of a challenging year for Singtel where they posted the lowest profits in 16 years, this week, CEO Chua Sock Koong has taken a 43% pay-cut.


It has been a rather quiet week, with most of the focus on the G20 summit and the meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

What came as a surprise is an impromptu meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un.

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