3 Effective Ways to Achieve Goals

Mindset Motivation | How to Use Neural Association to Change Your Life

Yesterday we talked about pain and pleasure and how we can use them to change our decisions. Today I want to delve deeper into them. What control our life is the meaning we associate to a situation; don’t you already see that? Many people always say they want to slim down by going to exercise, but often after half a year, their shapes remain the same, or worse, even fatter! Because deep down inside them, they associate exercise with ultimate pain. And in order to avoid the pain, they don’t do it! So what can they do?

Change their neural association from pain to pleasure! And the pleasure must be much stronger than the pain itself. Maybe the next time you exercise, ask your friends or someone you like to come along, because spending time with bring you great pleasure. Or maybe watch drama you like while you exercising, because the drama brings you pleasure!

Remember, every single action you take, affect your life. Your destiny is based on your daily behavouir. It starts with what you do right now. Start associating more pleasure in life.

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