Oh my gosh! Trainer cried in front of the class!

Last weekend, at the end of the class our trainer, Caleb, cried in front of the participants.

Why did he cry in front of the class?

After the class, we managed to ask him why.

Below is the conversation between him and us.

ITP: What got into you?

Caleb: I don’t know. Just a sudden rush of emotions during that last video that I showed, wanting to encourage them ( the students) to take their next step and not just sit on it.

ITP: What are the emotions you felt?

Caleb: That video never fails to evoke strong emotions within me, although I have watched it many times. Not sure why this time it got so overwhelming. Maybe I wished I could do more?

ITP: Why is that so?

Caleb: In the past, I have paid and attended a class which I find easy to apply and can make me money. So much so that I recommended friends to sign up for that class. Some of them paid and attended but did nothing thereafter. I felt responsible for them because it feels as though I’ve caused them to lose that few thousand dollars paying for that class.

After investing & trading in the market for more than 12 years, I came up with this investing and trading framework with a group of friends which I teach in the basic class. The method is simple and easy to execute. After teaching so many batches of classes, I realised that only a handful of students really got started and made progress towards their financial goals.

I hope that those who have attended but haven’t got started to get started and not let those 2 days and the knowledge that they have learnt from me go to waste.

ITP: Let’s hope those that have not got started hear you and get started soon.

Here is a short video we managed to catch Caleb during the moment.