Online Course is Useless

Online Courses Are Useless!! Unless…

Stop going for online courses because they are completely useless!

The most powerful computer on earth is your brain. I’m not talking about how fast can your brain process information, I’m talking about your will power.

If you looking into the dictionary, the definition of power is the ability to act. It’s not about how much knowledge you have. It’s about how much action you take on the knowledge.

I see that there are a lot of people around me going to courses after courses. They have the mentality that the next course will be better, the next course can change their lives. But the truth is, nothing can freaking change your life, until you decide to change it and put whatever you have learnt into action!

So stop being a course junkie! Master your craft and be really good at 1 thing, before moving onto the next level!

If this video manages to inspire you in anyway, don’t forget to share it out. You may just have helped you course junkie.

See you tomorrow!


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