Refund Policy

All refund request must be done in writing and must reach ITP INT PTE LTD (admin@ within twenty-four hours

  • after the first day of our four and a half day Twin Engine Flight Investment Strategy training OR
  • after the first session of the twelve months Co-Piloting mentoring program whichever is earlier.
  • No refund will be entertained after the period of time stated above.

And the general requirements for refund are as follows:

  • You have proof of purchase (order invoice number and receipt).

Under what condition(s) is/are non-refundable:

  • No-notice or no-show will be deemed as withdrawn and refunds will not be allowed

If your return meets all the requirements above and you wish to proceed with the return, please have your order invoice number ready and send your refund request in writing to ITP INT PTE LTD (admin@

  1. Our staff verify the refund reason.
  2. Our staff will cross check if the refund conditions are met.
  3. We will conduct an evaluation within seven (7) days starting from the day we received your request. You will receive an email confirmation and request your banking details once the refund is approved.

We reserve the rights to reject your refund request at our sole discretion.