Singapore Savings Bond

Singapore Savings Bond (July 2019)

Singapore Savings Bond is a initiative by the government to encourage Singaporeans to invest.

It is a safe bond and fairly liquid “loan” to the government and a better alternative to fixed deposit.

Investors can invest monies in multiple of $500 and redeem their monies with pro-rated interest and without any penalties.

The bond is issued every month for investors to subscribed.

Singapore Savings Bond – July 2019

Details for July 2019 are as follows;

Bond ID: GX19070W

Subscribe Date Start : 3rd June 2019, 6pm

Subscribe Date End : 25th June 2019, 9pm

Issue Date : 1st July 2019

Mature Date : 1st July 2029

Interest Rates

Singapore Savings Bond (July 2019 Interest)

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