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Stock Screener – Free Tools To Screen Out Good Companies In 5 Mins


It’s important to invest in companies that are within your circle of competence, but it’s also crucial to expand your investing circle and explore other opportunities. But here comes the question. There are so many stocks out there in the world, how would you have the time to go through each individual stock? That’s why in this article, we are going to help you save time in researching by introducing you free stock screener we always use.

Stock Screener No.1 – Finviz.com

When it comes to user friendliness and comprehensiveness, Finviz is our top choice, especially in screening US stocks. The website provides a free screener which allows you to add in a lot of criteria of your choice. ROE, EPS growth, Operating Margin, Quick Ratio, you name it… They even have valuation method such as PEG inside the screener, making it super user friendly.

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If you are into technical analysis, the screener also helps to screen out patterns like double bottom, double top, head & shoulders. It can really save you a lot of time in interpreting the patterns stock by stock by yourself.

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Stock Screener No.2 – Investing.com

If you are interested in other markets outside of the US, investing.com will be a better choice. This screener allows you to screen out stocks based on countries. Although the interface of the screener is not as user friendly as the one from finviz, it also covers a lot of key criteria and ratio.

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Stock Screener No.3 – Sgx.com

For Singapore investors, the most useful free screener will be from SGX. The screener allows you to screen out basic criteria like PE ratio, Debt to Equity, ROE etc. It also has an option to screen based on dividend yield, which I believe is one of the best and most passive way of investing in the local market. The limitation of SGX screener is you are only allowed to add maximum 5 criteria.

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Stock Screener – Final Advice

It’s important to note that even though the screeners help you to quickly find out companies based on your criteria, not all data is accurate. It’s necessary for you to double check the data with annual reports. Afterall, you are investing using your hard-earned money, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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