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The lesson behind “LET’S DO IT!”

Two months ago, it all started with a casual conversation with Sean Seah, the Asian Buffettologist, that it was a great idea to bring our students to learn investing on a cruise. “LET’S DO IT!” And so we ended our conversation.

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2 months later, we made the LET’S DO IT happen. We brought in total 33 students onboard of Dream Cruises and had a 3D2N immersive and experiencial experience with all the trainers and Sean.

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Day and night, we were training our mind and physical bodies to the limit. We worked out 630am in the morning and practiced gratefulness. 11pm, we entered into the market together with our students, giving them to courage they need to carry out their first investment and trades.

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Behind the glorious and fun moments, it involves a lot of hard work. We encountered so many difficulties during the past 1 month, including worrying that nobody want to sign up. But our team stayed strong and braced it through. “LET’S DO IT!” My husband Shi Sheng Huang never failed to encourage us.

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This 3D2N was an experience of a lifetime. And we are living our motto Invest Travel Play. Thank you everyone for making this happened!

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If you are still reading by now, I hope you have realised the power of “LET’S DO IT” will only happen if you really do it.

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Investment in Singapore for Beginners

If you are looking for investment in Singapore for beginners, and if you want to prepare yourelf to take advantage of the opportunities the stock market presents you, you must first educate yourself. Chloe Lin, the founder of Invest Travel Play (ITP), was featured on Singapore national papers 联合早报 (Lian He Zao Ba) on 22 Aug 2018, which she actually shared a simple strategy to help readers to start investing safely with just $360 and building up your passive income in Singapore!

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By the way, we also wrote an article on Visa Stock AnalysisFacebook and Tesla, Singtel Share Price800 Super Share PriceFuture of ESR-REIT and Viva Industrial Trust (VIT) if you are looking to invest to make passive income. Oh yes, we also wrote an article sharing how you can invest in bitcoin Singapore, just in case you’re looking for alternative ways of investment.

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