Travelling to Taiwan for Free

Travel to Taiwan for Free – Project Taiwan 2019

Awhile back, a friend asked if I am interested in going to Taiwan for holiday. Friends that know me will know that my answer will likely be no, because, delayed gratification.

Last year, I went on work trips with ITP, one on Dream Cruise and another one to Taiwan. While we did play a bit (article featured image was taken at Jiufen, it was still a work trip.

Then I thought, I haven’t been on a trip fully designed as a holiday for myself, so ignoring delayed gratification, I said yes. I mean YOLO right?

Delayed Gratification + YOLO

The next thing that went through my mind was, why don’t I mix the 2 mindsets together? Why don’t I try to go to Taiwan for free?

Zero cents out of the pocket.

$1200 is my current budget, that should be enough for 10 days. I think, as both my friend and I are not huge spendthrift.

Adding onto the fact that flights turned out a lot cheaper than what I expect. (Controlling my urge to take SIA.)

How I Plan to Travel to Taiwan for Free?

Influencers can tap on sponsors, normal folks usually tap on their savings. And since, I am neither an influencer nor do I want to tap on my savings (delayed gratification).

I decided to challenge myself to earn my way to Taiwan through the stock market. Since I have set my budget at S$1200 (for now), it will be about US$850.

In here, I will tabulate until I hit my US$850.

Trade 1

First trade was on Union Pacific, went in on Wednesday night (3/4/19) and exited on Friday night (9/4/19).

Travel to Taiwan for Free - Trade 1

Capital: $90

Profit: $95

Exited after 1 bagger.

Budget completed: $95 (11.2%)

Trade 2

Second trade was on Deere & Co, went in on Thursday (8/9/19) and exited on Friday (9/9/19) as well.

Travel to Taiwan for Free - Trade 2

Capital: $180

Profits: $240

Budget completed: $335 (39.4%)

On-going Challenge

This post has nothing to do with investing. This is pure trading using options. I am not looking to invest for the long term, my goal was to fund my Taiwan trip.

And this is probably the first post about options in this website. Probably will share more about what it in future as well as my continuing challenge.

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