VICOM – How to get 6% Dividend Yield Per Year Safely

We are going to reveal to you a very safe stock that you can get 6% dividend yield per year!

This stock is none other than VICOM!

Recently our research trainer Haoling bought into Vicom at $6 per share for the following reason.

1. In Singapore, if you are a car owner, you must inspect your car. It dominates the car inspection scene, it’s very stable and it’s making consistent profits every year.

2. It increases payout ratio to 90% this year.

For every dollar it earns, it gives out 90 cents to shareholders as dividend.

3. It is a very cash rich company


It has 9 figures of cash that the company doesn’t utilize, and it intends to give back to its shareholders as dividends. We personally feel vVcom is a safe and stable business that is able to generate cash and provide consistent dividends. Of course, it’s not a buy and sell recommendation. Please do you own homework before investing!

Investment in Singapore for Beginners

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sean seah chloe zaobao
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