Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a relatively new term, something that would not have been commonplace a decade ago. Although many are still not giving it due attention. Internet of Things is one part of the 4th industrial revolution that we are undergoing. Industrial revolution used to be something that we study only in history books and now we are living through one, just like that.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) is simply the network of everything ranging from personal devices, vehicles, homes, household appliances and so on. IoT will connect smart items that traditionally connect to internet as well as “dumb” items that traditionally are not connected to the internet.

By using connecting all together, one will be able to monitor and control all the connected items.

Internet of things

For example, you will be able to switch on the air con at home, open the gate, switch on your rice cooker and boil your water before you reach home. With all things connected, you can also track when your air con is due for a service, if the battery in your electronic lock at your gate is flat, or if the rice cooker is faulty.

By which, you will be notified that action is required and through data analytics, relevant options will be offered to you such as the best air-con serviceman will be recommended to you, you will be prompted to buy a new battery and a suitable rice cooker will be recommended to you for purchase.

Look at this video for more information.

Opportunies brought by Internet of Things

IoT will also bring on more opportunities for many industries, more devices are becoming connected, therefore, the need for cyber security and connectivity increases by many folds. Therefore, cyber security would see a boost, chipmakers and software engineers within the connectivity realm will also see a boost.

Looking back at our payment terminal and Visa Stock Analysis articles, we will realise that payments is actually part of the IoT umbrella, where a previously paper to hand transaction now occurring via cards and phones through contactless and mobile methods.

One area that might see a boost will be the telcos. Why so? IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is important that all device can connect to each other, such as when a driverless car must be able to connect to an obstacle in front of it and detect it as a threat.

However, all the devices has to connect to the internet as well. Here comes the question, “Who provides internet connectivity to the masses for their mobile devices?”

The telco of course. Although there have been an influx of telco providers such as Zero1, Zero Mobile, Circles Life and MyRepublic fighting for the small pie in Singapore against SingTel, Starhub and M1. All is not lost as in the business of connectivity, having the infrastructure to connect is more important than being able to provide the service to connect. We wrote an article on Singtel Share Price and M1 Share Price, to help you understand these companies more.

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By the way, we also wrote an article on Facebook and Tesla800 Super Share PriceFuture of ESR-REIT and Viva Industrial Trust (VIT) if you are looking to invest to make passive income. Oh yes, we also wrote an article sharing how you can invest in bitcoin Singapore, just in case you’re looking for alternative ways of investment.

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