Where to eat? Perth, Western Australia

There are a lot of places that have character to dine in Perth. Below are some of the places I would recommend if you want to find where to eat in Perth.

Little Guildford

3/104 Swan St, Guildford WA 6055, Australia

Not much eatery operates before 10 am, so it is pretty difficult to find a nice place with a character like this Little Guildford for breakfast. The portion served is large where you can eat till your heart’s content.

Little Guildford

Midland Chinese BBQ

24 Helena St, Midland WA 6056, Australia

Where to eat Chinese food in Perth? Midland Chinese BBQ is definitely the place to go. Their roasted dishes taste very traditional Hong Kong BBQ taste and I believe their chef is from Hong Kong. Best for those with cravings for Chinese food.

Midland Chinese BBQ - Perth

Edgecombe Brothers

1733 Gnangara Rd, Ellenbrook WA 6069, Australia

Edgecombe Brothers is definitely the place I would go to for wine and dine. They produce their wine in-house and taste fantastic. Fruits that they serve are freshly picked from their farm.

Edgecombe Brothers - Perth

The Cheese Barrel

920 Great Northern Hwy, Millendon WA 6056, Australia

The Cheese Barrel is another place you might want to visit to enjoy a glass of wine. They have one of the best croissants that I have tasted. If you are a cheese lover, do order a cheese platter to go with the croissants.

The Cheese Barrel - Perth

Katich’s Grape Place

899 W Swan Rd, Caversham WA 6055, Australia

A place you can have a healthy breakfast. Katich’s Grape Place sells a variety of fruits and fruit flavoured ice creams.

Katich’s Grape Place - Perth

With your stomach filled, time to go and visit some attractions. Find out more on where to go for fun and accommodations.

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