West Coast Park – Where to go this weekend

Where to go this weekend – West Coast Park

Where did we go last weekend for a great family bonding time? We went to West Coast Park for overnight camping. There are lots of fun activities to do together as a family there. Playground for the toddlers, young children, teenagers and even the adults can enjoy themselves there.

What you need to prepare:

Facilities there:

  • Playground for toddlers
  • Playground for young children
  • Playground for 13 and above
  • Big open field
  • Toilet
  • Restaurant

Best timing to go:

In our opinion, it’s best to be there in the evening around 4 pm. This gives you enough daylight to set up the tent and while engaging in some activities like kite flying in the open field or some ball games. Then you can have your dinner at the Mcdonald’s (the only restaurant there).

Other considerations:

The toilet  do not have shower facilities, therefore, you might not want to consider staying overnight unless you have other alternatives for washing up.

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