Work Life Balance in Singapore - Finding The Real Balance

Work Life Balance in Singapore – Finding The Real Balance

Work life balanced has been the topic of the new generation. A term that doesn’t seem to exist in the eyes of the baby boomers. More and more youngsters are looking towards achieving work life balance in their employment.

Does work life balance really exist in Singapore? Some will say yes, while some will say no.

Proponents of Work

Proponents of work will say that youngsters nowadays are living good lives. These bunch of strawberries only think about themselves and instead of thinking of putting in a day of hard work to achieve their own success at work.

Proponents of Life

Proponents of life will say that the previous generations slog hard for work to achieve success in work, which amounts to nothing much as they only live once. Life is short, therefore, they want to spend their time on themselves instead of at work.

Work Life Balance

Since work and life is important, therefore, comes a balanced. Hence, the term work life balance.

However, the term work life balance is simply too general.

Does spending a lot of time away from work mean that you are a bad worker? Does spending loads of time away from work and having a lot of time yourself equates to having a good life?

That is a very big question, just as how Life is a very big question.

Wheel of Life

The late American speaker Zig Ziglar, came up with a model that helps people achieve real balance in life.

He realised that in order to be successful in life as well as achieve balance in life, it is not about just work and enjoying yourself. It is a combination of multiple facets of life. Adding together, they are the Wheel of Life.

The Wheel of Life has 7 spokes

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Intellectual

Zig Ziglar, believed that in order to be really successful, one has to achieve success in all these areas. And it well provides a model for us to work to.

Click below to take the test to see how well you fare.

Work Life Balance in Singapore - Finding The Real Balance - Test

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